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Posted on: 08/24/18
EA Sports released a new trailer for FIFA 19, focusing on the game's new "Kick Off mode" (fast game mode), the new "Kick Off mode" promises to bring new game play, data tracking capabilities and so on. For those who have any kind of queries about where by in addition to the best way to work with cheap fifa 19 coins , you possibly can email us on our own page. In addition to the classic "Kick Off mode", FIFA 19 brings five new ways to play. Now let's take a look at what these five new ways are!

1. The Champions League: From the group to the final, you can customize the Champions League matches through specific visual effects, rules and so on. Provide immersive competition experience.

2. rule of thumb: you can use certain rules to kick a game, or even without rules.

Survival Mode - Each time a goal is scored, a random player on the scoring side is removed (excluding the goalkeeper). There is no rule - there is no offside or foul in this type of competition. Long-range shooting - long-range shooting outside the penalty area, one goal counts as two first-come, first-served goals - this mode allows you to set a custom winning condition, whether it is the first score (golden ball), the first three goals. This mode can be applied to the whole field, overtime or penalty. Header and volley - you can only score with header or volley. Free kick and penalty kick are counted, but other goals are not counted.

3. the best series: Classic competitions in three or five series series to determine the final winner.

4. host and guest: the competition is divided into the main and the guest field. If two games are played, the team with the most goals away will win. If it is still flat, the game will go into overtime and then kick off.

5. Cup Final: Real Cup Final replay, including the Champions League Final, the European Union Final, the FA Cup Final and so on. True jerseys, badges, game balls and live broadcasting provide a real final experience.

In addition, "FIFA 19" can also statistics and track players in the "Kick Off mode" records and data, including a detailed analysis of all the Games in this mode, players can use these data analysis to develop and adjust their game strategy and strategy before the game.

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